Head Positioning: matching product to client need, part 4: The Comfort Plus series

The Comfort Plus series includes the original Comfort Plus, the Adjustable Comfort Plus and the Tri-Comfort Plus. These three all share a key feature – extra thick padding. Not only is this comfortable, but necessary for many wheelchair users.

The new Comfort Plus 2 is now available. The redesigned Comfort Plus head support pad uses a 17mm configuration to work with the new UniLink mounting hardware. The new configuration also includes a Coolcore cover, a chemical free, 4-way stretch material that wicks moisture to keep the client cool and dry.

Some clients spend quite a bit of time tilted or reclined. In this scenario, the back of the head becomes a weight-bearing surface. It is important that this surface is soft to avoid pressure injury development or pain. Other clients can throw their head back with force and this thick padding dampens the blow and protects the client. These clients may also benefit from the Tone Deflector to absorb forces. The generic curve encourages the head to assume and return to midline. If this shape is inadequate, separate lateral supports can be added using swing-away assemblies.

This straightforward shape works well for clients needing support behind the head during transport or simply to provide a resting position.

The adjustable Comfort Plus has three pads connected by hinges to provide more lateral support without adding on separate lateral pads. Each side can be adjusted individually up to 45 degrees.

The Tri Comfort Plus head support has more pronounced lateral support than the Comfort Plus but is not adjustable. This is appropriate for a client who needs more lateral support to maintain the head in midline but does not need adjustable support or separate lateral pads.

Swing away hardware can be used with any of the Comfort Plus head supports to mount lateral pads or even switches by the head. The lateral pads are available in a variety of sizes to meet a client’s specific needs, including custom dimensions. Longer pads are sometimes used to prevent the client from falling off the edge of the head support pad.

The Comfort Plus is a versatile head support that works well for a variety of clients.

Hailey uses the Comfort Plus to provide posterior head support, a position of rest, and adequate support and cushioning when tilted. She can readily drop and lift her head, as well as turn side to side to visually regard her environment and interact with others.

Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

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