The following documents are available for you to download and use.

Ways to Keep Your Client’s Head Up
This paper discusses causes of decreased head control and potential solutions, including how to match specific product features with client need.  
Positioning Chart
This reference tool lists common positioning problems, causes, suggested interventions, and goals by different areas of the body.  
Mini Joystick Comparison Chart 
Mini proportional joysticks are a power wheelchair driving method commonly used by people with muscle weakness. This document compares current available mini joysticks by specific product features.  
Joystick Decision Making Hierarchy
There are a variety of joysticks available, including standard, heavy duty, compact, and mini proportional. This decision making hierarchy assists in determining the most appropriate option for an individual power wheelchair user.  
Non-Joystick Driving Methods Decision Making Hierarchy
Not everyone can drive a power wheelchair with a joystick. A wide variety of non-joystick driving methods are available. This decision making hierarchy assists in determining the most appropriate non-joystick option for an individual power wheelchair user.  
Programmable Power Wheelchair Driving Methods
Many power wheelchair driving methods are now programmable above and beyond the programming available on the power wheelchair manufacturer electronics. This reference chart lists programmable features.  
Complex Rehab Power Wheelchair Electronics Comparison Matrix
The purpose of this document is to serve as a reference of key features between various power wheelchair electronic systems. Sometimes a relatively specific feature is needed by an individual and can drive product selection. Other features may not be used if the evaluating team is not aware of both the feature and the clinical benefit.    
Head Array comparison Chart
The Head Array is a power wheelchair alternative driving method that works well for clients who have fair to good head control. This chart compares features of available Head Array models.


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