Heads Up! What causes poor head position?

One of the most challenging areas of wheelchair seating is achieving and maintaining the head in a neutral and upright position. Many times, we assess, provide optimal seating, and still the client continues to stare at their lap. Before going to the closet to pick out a solution, we need to know what is causing the issue.

More than head support: general interventions to optimize head position

In this Blog, we will explore general intervention strategies – things to try long before grabbing a specific head support.

Head Positioning: matching product to client need, part 1. Posterior Supports

Quite a variety of head supports are available to meet individual needs. These head supports have unique features designed to match specific requirements.

Head Positioning: matching product to client need, part 2: The Ultra

This is a really good introduction to the Ultra head support. The Ultra can include an occipital pad, suboccipital pad, and lateral pads. Each are very adjustable to match an individual’s needs.

Selecting the right cushion for your client

How to select the best cushion for your client.