Head Positioning: matching product to client need, part 5: All Positioning and Combo head supports

In this blog series on matching head supports to individual client need, we have discussed unique features of specific head supports and what the clinical benefit of each feature is. Today is no exception! Let’s take a look at the All Positioning series and the Combo series. When is it appropriate to recommend these for a client?

The All Positioning head support series provides posterior occipital and suboccipital support in a single pad to facilitate head and neck alignment. Mimicking the shape of a hand behind the client’s head, the angle of the entire pad can be changed and the lateral portion of the suboccipital area can be bent medially or laterally to create the needed support.

This head support provides posterior support as well as mild suboccipital support along with lateral support at the sides of the jaw and neck. If a client requires posterior support along with a mild degree of suboccipital support, this is a nice option.

Swing-away assemblies can be added to provide lateral head support on one or both sides, as well as a means of mounting a switch by the side of the head.

The Combo head support is similar to the Adjustable Comfort Plus head support, but has separate, more adjustable, lateral support pads. These pads are available in an oval shape or the contoured shape shown here. The pads are adjustable on a hinge.

The contoured lateral pads have a unique shape designed to sit just above the ears. This shape does not sit next to the ears which can limit hearing. Also, many clients ‘fold’ an ear against a non-contoured lateral pad when turning their head. This can be painful, impact hearing, and even lead to breakdown behind the ear. The shape of the contoured lateral pads on the Combo head support spares the ear, preventing ear folding. Finally, this shape does not limit the client’s visual field.

We’d love to hear of your experiences with these head supports. Please leave any questions or comments below!

Michelle L. Lange, OTR/L, ABDA, ATP/SMS

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